Turbine inlet on/off valve Pos. 1

Turbine inlet
on/off valve Pos. 1

Fluid: Steam
Pressure: 25 to 35 bar
Temperature: 575-600°C
Typical dimmensions: DN 300-500
Pressure rating: PN 40/Class 300 – PN100
Valve type: Butterfly, lugged type VSS
Actuator type: Hydraulic with spring return
Material valve body: EN 1.4408, EN 1.4552
Seat/lining: EN 1.4835
Operation: On/Off
Datasheet: Si-209
Comment: Turbine inlet On/Off valve

System info

For protection of steam turbine in case of ”turbine trip” the inlet on/off valve needs to close very quick, normally in 150 to 250 ms.
Actuator and valve must be specially designed in order to handle these parameters.