Fine screening system and washing stage 1 - process info

Fine screening and washing stage 1

Accept from the cleaning system is fed by a pump to a 3 stage cascade screening system. All three screens are equipped with slotted baskets (0,12, 0,13 and 0,15 mm respectively). Inject consistencies are 1,0; 0,8 and 0,7% respectively. Reject from the 3rd stage screen will go to the reject handling system. 

Accept from the primary screen will be forwarded to Washing stage 1. 
The washing stage can consist of one or more washers in parallel depending on capacity requirement. After the washers the pulp consistency will be 10%. The washer(s) will reduce the ash content from 16-18 to 3-4%. The released filler will follow the filtrate from the washers to the Washer Filtrate Ta