White Water System - Process Info

DIP White Water System

There are three main producers of white water/filtrate in the DIP plant:

1. Washing Stage 1

2. Pulp Screw

3. Washing Stage 2

Filtrate from the Washing Stage 1 will be dumped to the Clarifier Feed Tank. From this tank the filtrate (consistency 0,2-0,3%)will be pumped to a flotation unit (DAF 1). The clear water (consistency 0,01%) will be led to the Clear Water Tank for reuse in the DIP plant. The sludge will be brought to the Sludge Tank in the reject handling system.

The receiving tank for filtrate from the Pulp Screw will be the Cloudy Water Tank. This tank also receives excess filtrate, which overflows from the Clear Water Tank. 

In the DIP plant there will be a shortage of white water. Excess clarified WW from the tissue paper machine will therefore be pumped to the DIP plant and cover shortages in the Clear Water Tank/Cloudy Water Tank and the Washer Filtrate Tank (Washing Stage 2 system).