Turbine inlet control valve Pos. 2

Turbine inlet
control valve Pos. 2

Fluid: Steam
Pressure: 25 to 35 bar
Temperature: 575-600°C
Typical dimmensions: DN300-500
Pressure rating: PN40 Class 300 – PN100
Valve type: Butterfly, lugged type VSS
Actuator type: Hydraulic with spring return
Material valve body: EN 1.4408, EN 1.4552
Seat/lining: EN 1.4835
Operation: Control
Datasheet: Si-209
Comment: Turbine inlet On/Off valve

System info

The Turbine inlet control valve is used for control of the turbine power, speed and backpressure, the boiler pressure and the extraction pressure. It is also quick closed in case of a turbine trip.