Reject System - Process info

DIP Reject Handling

Rejects from the different processes in the DIP plant will be collected in the Rejects Chest.
From there the reject (consistency 0,8-0,9%) will be pumped to a gravity Reject Thickener.
The recovered material (consistency 6%) will be brought forward to the Sludge Press.

The filtrate from the Reject Thickener will be collected in the Thickener Filter Filtrate Tank and from there pumped to a flotation unit (DAF 2). Sludge from this operation will be dumped into the Sludge Tank. The Sludge Tank also recieves sludge from DAF 1 and a flotation unit in the paper mill (TM DAF Reject).

In order to increase sludge dryness the sludge will be pumped to a gravity Wire Drainer, where the sludge dryness will be increased from 3,8-3,9% to 12%, followed by a Sludge Press. The sludge at a dryness of 60% after the Sludge Screw Press will go to landfill. Filtrate from the flotation will be pumped partly to the Pulper Dilution Tank partly to Effluent Treatment.

There are different types of reject (from Dump Screen., HD/LD cleaners and Combisorter) that are handled separately in three screw presses (Reject Screw 1-3). The dry material will go to a Dumper while the filtrates are taken to the Rejects Chest