Causticizing and Lime reburning HS-330

Causticizing and Lime reburning HS-330


Fluid: Raw green liquor
Pressure: 3 bar (e)
Temperature: 90-97 °C
Typical dimensions: DN 150-300
Pressure ratingPN 10


A flanged ball valve with full bore type SKV.
Seats made of HiCo (High Cobalt Alloy)(locked seats) or
PTFE 53.
Double acting type actuator.
For more information see data sheet Si-706 EN.



If the fluid will build up a layer to all inside surfaces and it can be difficult to operate the valve.
If the process accept, the valve should be operated as often as possible.
The ball should be HiCo-coated and the seats should be in scraper design and locked.
PTFE 53 seats can be used if the liquor do not create problems with building up media to the surface of the ball.
See general recommendations