Soda Recovery Boiler - Black Liquor Combustion HS-381

Soda Recovery Boiler - Black Liquor Combustion HS-381


Fluid: Black liquor
Pressure: 4 bar (e)
Temperature: 110-160 °C
Typical dimensions: DN 150-250
Pressure ratingPN 16


A flanged ball valve with full bore type SKV.
Material: Wetted parts in duplex stainless steel.
Seats made of HiCo (High Cobalt Alloy)(locked seats).
Double acting type actuator.
For more information see data sheet Si-706 EN.



Due to the risk that the media will enter behind the seats and block the operation of the valve, the seats have to be locked.
Valves which are in constant contact with the heavy black liquor must be equipped with electric heating cable to make sure that the liquid inside the valve body is kept warm during shut down of the plant. 
This is an insurance for that the valves are operable at start-up.