Steam and Condensate (Dryer section) - Process Info

Steam and Condensate (Dryer section) - introduction and background

The drying section is divided into four steam groups.
The first steam group includes the last drying cylinders, if seen in the paper machine direction, and the last steam group includes the first drying cylinders. In the fourth steam group steam is led both to the cylinder driving side and operating side. In the other group steam is led to the under cylinder driving side and to the over cylinder operating side. Condensate is taken out from both sides of the cylinders.

Fresh steam is supplied to the first and second steam groups. Condensate is collected in separate condensate tanks. Some of the condensate transforms to flash steam. This steam is used in the following steam group. If not all the flash steam is used in the last steam group a control valve opens and leads it to condensating.second stage screen.