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In order to make the correct choice of valves for important applications we have made this guide. The guide will help our customers, our representatives as well as our own personnel, to easily identify the demands for critical valves and accessories and to get recommendations for optimal valve solutions. Beyond more demanding applications we will also try to give general guidelines how to make the best choice from technical and economical point of view.

Each valve within the pulp and paper section has a corresponding identification number in the document as well as on the valve itself. The tag number consists of a combination of letters and figures. From the letter combination, the function of the valve can be identified, while the figures are just running figures.
Example: PC-123 (pressure control valve)

For shipping applications, engine applications and power generation applications the tag numbers are just running figures.

Also note that you can download valve data sheets by clicking on different tag numbers in the illustrations. Bare in mind that these data sheets apply for several different tag numbers found throughout the site.

Below you find the most common combinations of letters for the pulp and paper industry:

DC: Density control valve

ES: ON/OFF-valve

FC: Flow control valve

FFC: Flow control valve for quota control

GC: Position control valve

HC: Manually operated control valve

HS: ON/OFF-valve with possibility for manual operation

HZ: ON/OFF-valve. Manually operated for emergency cases

KS: ON/OFF-valve, time programmed

LC: Level control valve

LS: ON/OFF-valve

OS: ON/OFF-valve

PC: Pressure control valve

PDC: Pressure control valve

QC: Consistency control valve

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